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Re: CD audio vs Roland & General Midi

Midi gives you choice. Tracks can sound very different on different modules. Playing around with that can be fun. Funny you mention that. When I got Wing Commander and loaded it up on my 286-16mhz with expanded memory in place and my adlib sound card... I had a friend of mine that was all Amiga or …

Re: Voodoo 3 3000 with LCD and DOS games

Most of DOS games was designed for 14-15" monitors. Native resolutions of LCDs make it even worse. If your display has controls for image size, try to make it smaller. CRT is always better but I understand it is not very convenient to keep it at home...

Re: CD audio vs Roland & General Midi

I always preferred CD tracks over MIDI. Yeah, games like RoA:Star Trail used Roland MIDI tracks records as CD tracks, but to be honest - who had SC-88 in 1995??? Also, I never liked OPLx sound. Always sounded like s**t when compared to Amiga.

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