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Xcom on CD

in DOS
The install file is under E:\UFO. Unfortunately, I do not see how DOSBox has the ability to run that file. Alright, mount E E:\ is the syntax. I am using DOSBox X.

Re: Technological critique

in Milliways
I have found a couple of obscure settings by fiddling with my TV. If you go to setup you can change the input labels of HDMI 1 to "RECEIVER" which is what is really connected rather than a blu ray player. Also, you can change the "black" from light to dark. I hate light black because it makes the …

Re: Sound Blaster 16 Clones

K, the Yamaha SoundEdge is a Soundblaster 16 clone, and not a Soundblaster Pro clone. I reviewed the manual, which is available for free from Yamaha, and the OPL4 synthesis chip (described on the wikipedia) that comes with it has a General MIDI mode.

Re: Unable to see subdirectory

I had to reinstall the Space Quest Collection under a different directory, C:\SpaceQuestCollection rather than C:\Program Files (x86). I am surprised that DOSBox does run those games. Also, when I exited the game DOSBox had grabbed my mouse pointer so I had to use Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up task …

Re: Space Quest Collection (2006) Windows

in Windows
The main thing to notice about these games is that the copy protection for Space Quest I and V come at the end of the manual come after the instructions for each game. These sections solve otherwise insoluble puzzles. The manual is on the disc.

Re: Super Duper printers

in Milliways
I remember now the purpose of Mac Connect. It was to connect a printer to a computer with enough data transfer so that hypertransport and USB were never needed. It was supposed to have something better than a DI-9 which is a German DIN connector.

Re: Super Duper printers

in Milliways
Their software for printers has been horrible for years. I've never had problems with Canon, Lexmark, and Brother drivers, but HP printer drivers fail left, right, and center. Now that you mention it my father had to call the Geek Squad once to install a new HP multifunction - I couldn't get it to …

Re: Super Duper printers

in Milliways
You can’t go wrong with HP Laser printers. I have always bought them. They just work as intended and they have good software support. This makes me question if you've even used their consumer drivers. Ahem, the problem with HP for a while is the software available for free for use with their …

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