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Re: Sound Blaster 16 & AWE32: From best to worst

Sorry for the clickbait title, it's not so easy. You have to decide for yourself by whats important for you. Therefore i made a list! Sound Blaster 16 Bugs.v6.png Sources: http://www.amoretro.de/guides-workshops/creative-labs-sound-blaster-modellnummern https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t= …

Re: Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace

This game suffers from some timing issue because of letting D3D to set the FPU to single precision. The degree of FPS loss may even depend on how long the OS is running since the boot. I have a patch, try this, I got the game running at 30fps: http://dege.fw.hu/Patches/SW_Phantom_Menace_FPUPatch. …

Games change Mixer Settings (SB16)

Hi, I have a problem with the soundmixer on my Retro machine. It's running Windows 98SE with a ISA Soundblaster 16 PnP CT2950. Some games change my Mixersettings, like the WipeOut 2097 Demo set's the Wave and CD-Audio Level to "0". Is there a setting that i can block this?

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