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Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

in Milliways
My first thought of the new forum layout is a lemmings like "oh no!" Maybe it just takes some time to get used to. Minus for requiring script support to show pictures on buttons though - what are the forum developers smoking?

Re: Heads up: Vogons will be updated

in Milliways
Hello fellow VOGONS members, This month (but probably this weekend), VOGONS will be updated to a new version. So don't be alarmed if the board is in maintenance mode or locked down. To ease the shock: it will look different. More information will be provided on the launch of the new board. Just a …

Re: Victor V386MX

Recently acqured this little gem! And it seems to be mostly working. With mostly I mean that the CMOS battery (DS1287) is long dead. And the HDD will not be recognized (boots from floppy just fine). So my question here is: Will a dead battery prevent HDD detection? BIOS seems to save other settings …

Re: Delete account

On phpBB boards, you have to ask a moderator/admin to do it. No real point in doing it if you don't have a lot of posts, though. I just abandon boards when I get sick of the new userbase, and only come back when I get alerts. No point? If the forum get hacked and your e-mail is leaked to spammers? …

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