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Re: Monkey Island 1&2: Roland MT-32 + Sound Blaster support

in DOS
I guess it's time for another bump... so was the speed issue ever solved? I recently played through MI1 EGA with the MT32+Adlib patch on my 386 and loved it, and now I wanted to go for MI2, but I had the same issue as Aragorn, running the game with the patch is unbelievably slow, listening to a note …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

in Marvin \ Video
the latest Windows10 version seems to have broken compatibility with my Startech PEXHDCAP60L unfortunately, as I said previously I can only use driver version 143 or below as anything newer won't give me any picture even though it says there is a signal in the video control panel, but now I get …

Re: Best sound/music option for DooM?

in Marvin \ Sound
I get you ^^ I've dabbled in mixing multiple sound modules together, and sometimes they do indeed complement each other nicely, filling out instruments that might be weaker on one or the other, I also use a spectral enhancer to make it... well... sound better ^^ (subjectively) I do all this in …

Re: Best sound/music option for DooM?

in Marvin \ Sound
i mean AdLib is not going to give you the same quality as Sound Canvas SC-55, so if we are objetcives, SC-55 is better than AdLib, other things is, if you like it or not from your subjective point of view. it is not the same quality, yes, it is a different quality, that wholly depends on what you …

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