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Re: Engoo Quake 1 Port

leileilol wrote on 2016-07-03, 22:33: No because i've been doing engoo-style featurecreeping Ok, then what about releasing at least some documentation? At least how to compile thing, TODO, bug-fixes. I think Engoo deserves maintanance release. Nothing, really?

Re: IMGMOUNT in Linux

Your however using /dev/sdb, which to me means it is not a real floppy drive. But probably a USB Floppy Drive, which uses a completely different protocol called UFI. You are right. It's acttualy TEAC. FDC controller is embedded inside and system has no access to low-level floppy functions. That's …

Re: IMGMOUNT in Linux

It's not the same. Block devices have stricter requirements regarding read/write sizes and offsets, may require explicit seeks... there's no guarantee the C library will take care of that correctly if you use the buffered I/O functions (which DOSBox does). Hmm. There should be warning in DOSBox …

Re: IMGMOUNT in Linux

So short answer: No, no equivalent for direct manipulation with device. Why it is problem? Work with block device is just as work with regular file. Seeking, reading, writing. It should work. It is safe just to comment checking macro?

Re: IMGMOUNT in Linux

jmarsh wrote on 2020-05-11, 18:50: You can only imgmount regular files, not devices. Oh, thanks. That is explenation. Ok and equivalent of MOUNT A A: -t floppy in Linux exists?

Re: IMGMOUNT in Linux

Which is exactly what I want. /dev/sdb is floppy device. I don't want to use system mounting because caching, I want direct mount from Dosbox. dd if=/dev/sdb of=/tmp/image.img works perfectly. IMGMOUNT /dev/sdb - file is not a file but directory. What?

Re: IMGMOUNT in Linux

Caluser2000 wrote on 2020-05-11, 18:08: First you need to understand how linux, or for that matter *nix workalike OSs, functions then you will have found the answer to this question. Any old *nix book will do. Now I'm confused even more. Should I try loop device?


Hello, guys. I am confused: Filename imgmount.png File size 15 KiB Views 811 views I can mount Floppy Image without problem but device is marked as directory. Why? Is this OS bug?

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