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Re: ID tech 4 nvidia driver slowmotion bug.

Thanks for testning :) I had DooM 3 running on a gtx280 with 4x i game msaa with none of the slowmotion slowdown. However doing the same on the 960 i get slowdown but as I stated before it is not your normal framerate slowdown as it just makes the game run in a Strange slowmotion speed wich seems to …

Re: ID tech 4 nvidia driver slowmotion bug.

You've provided no information on when this slowdown is supposed to be happening. Also if you think it's driver related, just start testing different driver versions? Oh Ofcourse.. Sorry! It occurs when there are more than two enemies on screen at once. Sometimes it happen with only two. Aslong as …

ID tech 4 nvidia driver slowmotion bug.

Ok so im hoping some of you have experience with DooM 3 quake 4 and prey on newer nvidia graphic cards. Here is a copy and paste from pcgamingwiki about this issue. "Poor performance/"slow-motion" effect on Nvidia cards Doom 3 and other id Tech 4 games seem to suffer from some sort of driver-related …

Re: NVIDIA Quadro4 980 XGL softmod options.

I looked into this for some old Quadro cards I found laying around at work, and came across this: https://hardforum.com/threads/quadro-4-980-xgl-can-you-flash-bios-to-a-make-it-geforce-base-card.723315/ For the 980, you'll be just as well off leaving everything as-is and running the Quadro driver …

Miles sound driver + A3D1&2 is it broken?

Heavy metal f.a.k.k 2 American mcgee Alice Elite Force II Those are the games i have tried out and all of them have their own stupid issues. They all run on the Quake 3 engine and use miles sound driver. Quake3 itself sounds amazing with A3D 2.0 so it sucks that these dont. Is the Miles sound driver …

Re: Half-Life 1280x1024 in D3D

in Windows
UCyborg wrote: I don't have the retail Gunman Chronicles at my disposal. Theoretically, you might be able to get it to work by copying rewolf folder from Gunman folder to Half-Life folder, then play it as Half-Life mod. Oh yeah that might work. Thanks.

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