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no voice dagger of amon ra

Hey guys, the problem is in the title, i can't seem to make the voices in dagger of amon ra work, i tried the updated driver, and a lot more but i can't seem to make it work. Config: Biostar MB-8433UUD-A Ver 3.1 2x Mot MA 3240 J 00 TBSN 60, 4x32MB 72-PIN EDO RAM AMD AM486 DX4-100 S3 Trio64V+ 2MB …

Help - Led display at-302a

Hello, I'm fairly new with vintage computing my first machine was running windows 98 i was like 6. Anyway i got hooked to computers ever since new, old, doesn't make a difference. So i build a new computer in a brand new old stock case, with a led display, but i can figure out how to make it work …

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