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Re: Dos Trouble

in DOS
Like keenmaster486, I have to assume you're talking about a directory (aka folder) called DOSgames. If you have created a directory on C:\ called DOSgames, when you open DOSBox the command should be exactly as you attempted in your screenshot: mount c C:\DOSgames If that's not working, one of these …

Re: Yamaha MU15 Tone Generator Midi Sound Module

As this module is General Midi compatible, it is usable for dos gaming. I expect it to be comparable with a yamaha mu50. For me I really like the Yamaha romplers, it must not always be roland in my opinion. What I don't like for a pc setup is the look of this portable unit - but if it's cheap, take …

Re: E-Wave : an ESS based waveblaster card

1541 wrote on 2021-01-19, 16:15: This would be a cute enhancement to ES1868F sound cards 😀 Wolfus wrote on 2021-01-20, 19:22: I will attach it to ESS1869F <3 ES1868F waiting. It will make up for some of those missing chips! Filename ES1868F.jpg File size 346.86 KiB Views 61 views

Re: Using Audigy drivers with a Sound Blaster Live

Great guide OP. I have an SB0100 and will try this out next time my Win98 system is on the bench. I went through the wringer trying to get my SB1070 (low profile Sound Blaster VX) working last week with no success. Reckon it's worth trying this method with that card, or is the CA0106 chip a dead end …

Re: Do you keep your retro rigs offline?

in Milliways
I've only recently started networking my old stuff. It was a novelty at first to go BBSing from the 386, but the real purpose is for LAN file sharing, and I would not be without this functionality now! The DOS machines run FTPSRV (mTCP) and the W98 machines run WarFTP, so I can file manage both from …

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