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Re: MUS-1099

any one can help me with the audio connector has allot of pins dont know where to buy these type or whats it called This might be helpful from the original thread: "I also put the 3.5mm jack on. It fits, but mine only has 3 of the 5 pins. The other 2 holes don't seem to be connected to anything on …

Re: The frustrations of the GPU market

in Milliways
Wow, 8 months make a difference huh? Now seems like Ark weren't so bad for midrange and are available at decent price, among other things. Yep. Me then: Yep, not only did the Arc cards sell out instantly (or, only go up for preorder in Australia) I'm hardly finding any chatter around the web from …

Re: Changing resolution of Win9x/2k DOS box?

No As suspected. But it was surprisingly hard to get Google just to tell me that. i'm not sure if this is what you are referring to, but nvidia drivers from around the mid-2000s have a doublescan option. this can be used if not desiring scanlines from low resolutions on a CRT, or to get around the …

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