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Can probably use more common mnemonic instead of array: inc word ds:[bx+data], or possibly: inc word ds:[bx+offset data], just make sure the generated machine code references the correct memory. BTW, for a topic that isn't specific to DOSBox, such as this one, please post it in Milliways. That you …


I used to go to a 10 step process for converting MASM to NASM, however I cannot find that webpage anymore :/ It worked out for the most part however I'm having trouble converting this statement: inc word ptr ds:data[bx] I know nasm doesn't use 'ptr', so that needs to be removed but how does that …

Rick Dangerous: I found insignificant options

in Milliways
Got nothing better to do today So I started playing Rick Dangerous, man of Danger! :sleeping: After a daring attempt in level 2 I stumbled over my own fingers. Needless to say, I found myself in the debugger again and discovered some really insignificant options. I checked the manual, and I could …

Re: In summary: the top 10 DOS games 1981-1991

in Milliways
Al I really like your video's, but if you do another Digger review in the future, please use a proper version. It is supposed to look like this: (instead of the constant yellow) Filename level1.gif File size 425.31 KiB Views 49 views (level 1: max score, took me 31 tries 🤣)

Re: Why is Warcraft 2 running fast when I upgrade my graphics card?

in Windows
Could you please explain more specifically what is fast, I don't have any problem on the BNE. I think he's talking about the screen scrolling speed when you're near the edges. That problems is also present in DOSBox, so I use fixed cycles=30000 there. And that means: too much power :/, so this guy …

Re: Put a Pentium MMX 233mhz CPU in my DOS machine, still reads as Pentium-S 120mhz. What am I missing?

Back in the day I had this method of troubleshooting: 1. Build a bare system, essentials only. 2.Make sure you have the all known working BIOSes and do a factory reset after each flash. (work your way down from latest version to earliest version) 3. Boot from a boot disk with utilities 4. If things …

Re: Strange Error with GODS

It should be very easy to spot which version you have: 4868 jan 7 1992 GODS.EXE without copy protection 4948 jan 7 1992 GODS.EXE with copy protection 4900 feb 19 1992 GODS.EXE with copy protection (v1.01) And the biggest mystery, why did they release a version without copy protection ?

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