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Re: Rambo III colors are off

The colors you see are exactly what the game sets them to. Maybe the developers had glare on their monitors... The attached program will modify the game in memory to shift the colors toward black. The program is a TSR rather than a loader because it appears there is more than one way to start the …

Re: A modern "sleeper" PC

in Milliways
.... I'm already regretting this purchase as it does everything that my normal PC does, but worse, but can't do anything my normal PC can't do (like XP era games) as it doesn't have a DVD drive and is on Windows 10. You can install Linux and use Wine for those old Windows games. Use a second/ …

Re: The top 10 DOS games of 1989

in Milliways
New channel, subscribing I always find these top 10 things difficult, never know what they are based on. With some I agree with others I do not. Go figure 🤣 Welcome and thanks for contributing.

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