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Re: KQ5 love to crash

Absolutely no hardware re-used between systems, all using different sound cards. I tried KQ6 CD instead of what is on the Roberta Williams anthology and had the same issue. Really weird. I think it will work fine if I don't do soundblaster, and I'd say it's a system speed issue except the 486 also …

KQ5 love to crash

My friend and I have tried running KQ5 on quite a few different computers from 486->P3, and no matter what system we use the game hard crashes after some time and it seems related to the wav audio. In discussing/troubleshooting we found out that both of us are trying to use the Roberta Williams …

Re: HardMPU, anyone?

So I setup a Pentium 133 with hardmpu and a CT2290 and I am getting some kind of conflict. Some games run fine, but others just lock up. The hardmpu utility times out waiting for ACK. (OOPS. It's actually timing out waiting for DRR? OOPS. Nevermind it's both? Usually ACK though) Jones, Sam and Max, …

Re: HardMPU, anyone?

Update: I don't think the kQ6 locking up issue has anything to do with the hardmpu. I tried playing it for a while with just the soundblaster configured and it crashed in the same way. I think KQ5/6 just hates running on a faster machine.

Re: HardMPU, anyone?

I tried KQ6 for a while with just the Roland configured, no soundblaster, and it seemed fine. I ordered a legit soundblaster... so when that comes I'll test and see if issue with both SB and Roland active at the same time goes away.

Re: HardMPU, anyone?

So, I played all of King's Quest 4 with no issues, and that game ONLY uses the MT-32, it does not use the SB. All of the games I am having trouble with use both the MT-32 and the SB. I wonder if the thing to try is just to buy a different soundblaster, maybe a real one. The sound profile of the …

Re: HardMPU, anyone?

I could find no settings to disable/enable anything related to APM/APCI unfortunately, but I did find settings to reserve IRQs for ISA slots, and I went ahead and reserved all of them for ISA, no idea if this helps at all. I also disabled every power related option I could find, but they were all …

Re: HardMPU, anyone?

I have a HARDMPU and it mostly works great. I played through all of KQ4 and it worked flawlessly. However, I am having issues with freezing in KQ5/6. Sam and Max also hates my guts unless I slow the computer down to molasses speed at which point the game runs like garbage. I am not sure any of this …

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