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Re: Command & Conquer GOLD on Windows 98 SE

Ok, we are on right track, looks like it's sound-card problem. I've disabled sound card in hardware profiles (see attachment). Then when i've started game it spawned warning "Unable to create Direct Sound Object" and game starts and play videos. Everything OK, but without sound, of course. About …

Re: Command & Conquer GOLD on Windows 98 SE

@Revolter - Thx for reply. MOBO is: ECS K7VTA3, specs here: https://www.anandtech.com/show/927/8 Also im using sound card: KOB C884E, Windows lists it as: CMI8738/CDX PCI Audio device Instalation is from original CD, released around 96/97 in big box. Unpatched, straight from the CD. thipx32.dll, …

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