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Re: Doom 2 MIDI OPL3 issue

Additionally a .mid file might not match a game's internal midi format, so even a GM device might sound different between playing a file and actually listening in-game. I think Doom files fine, but for example the midi files that come with System Shock on Steam are way off due to a flawed …

Doom 2 MIDI OPL3 issue

Well, it's not exactly an issue. I'd like to ask about a weird problem I'm having, while playing MIDI files using OPL3 sound cards. I usually use Windows 98 to play back some MIDI soundtracks using different wavetable cards. Yesterday, I found out that Doom 2 (haven't tried Doom, but I reckon it's …

Re: Help to identify an Aztech soundcard

I found this on some Russian forum. This is supposed to be matching ID for the card: https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1309&dat=19941010&id=nThOAAAAIBAJ&sjid=UxMEAAAAIBAJ&pg=3279,4052082&hl=ru I don't speak Russian, so I had to trust Google Translate :) And these should be the drivers for the …

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