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Re: Matrox Parhelia P650/750 and Retro Gaming?

What are the clock speeds of the P650/750? It might be interesting to compare to the bigger Parhelia and see if efficiency changed. Though it seemed like Matrox stopped caring about 3D game performance, compatibility, control panel options, etc after about a year of Parhelia.

Re: Diablo 2 glide worth it?

I beat the first four acts on Voodoo2 12MB SLI and Voodoo3 2000 a month ago. Voodoo2 seems to run out of texture memory and drops to about 10 fps sometimes. Act 3 swamps were the worst areas. Voodoo3 doesn't have that problem. I also tried D2DX. D2DX is a form of Glide wrapper with various …

Re: GeForce4 vs. GeForce FX?

Yeah, pre-R300 Radeons had the option to have some FloydSteinberg-like dithering as an alternate option to the usual, vertical kernel ordered dithering. It can bring some filmgrain like tastes. nVidia's 16x16 dithering matrix is well... what the hell is this supposed to be? a Restore Down button? ( …

Re: GeForce4 vs. GeForce FX?

I feel like chiming in!! :D I like the R300 cards for the better 16-bit dithering quality, and their superior anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering. They had NV beaten with AA & AF until G80 came out. Well, unless you like to mess with the hidden NV SSAA modes. And of course if you want to play …

Re: Table Fog & 8-bit Paletted Textures

GeForce 6 doesn't support pallette textures AFAIK. https://www.khronos.org/registry/OpenGL/exten … ted_texture.txt http://www.zeckensack.de/glide/readme.htm#reqs Riva 128 supports it too. Or at least emulates it because it is mentioned in the control panel.

Re: Star Trek Voyger Elite Force A3D Sound

these game lists that are out there with list of what supports what alot of them don't know what there talking about. Yeah they are quite incorrect. We had some thread on here discussing that years ago. There aren't very many games with a quality A3D implementation, and some games removed support …

Re: Star Trek Voyger Elite Force A3D Sound

Install the base game (no expansion pack) and patch 1.2 (eliteforcepatch1_2.exe). You may also need to install the Aureal A3D API update (a3ddrivers312.exe). This is the game that I noticed the flipped stereo problem with Aureal driver 2048 so use 2041 or older. If A3D.dll or a3dapi.dll exist in the …

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