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Re: Voodoo 3 DirectX problems...?

I would just run the 1.07 WHQL drivers and DirectX 7.0a. Drivers from November 2000 will cover everything you probably want to run on a Voodoo3. It is D3D 6/7 hardware. IMO if you want to do DirectX 8 gaming you really should get on Win2K or XP.

Re: AMD R7 240 poor performance comapred to HD8490

Off topic: How is the RTX 2080 for directx 10, 11 and 12 games? I meant the PRE-ray tracing games. I wanted to choose RTX 2080 for better performance in later games and leave older GTX cards to play with directx 9 games. It's excellent. I've played a few oldies, like Dishonored, Singularity, …

Re: AMD R7 240 poor performance comapred to HD8490

It's a pretty heavy game for either card. About a year ago I was running it on a i5 4570 / RTX 2080 machine and noticed that D3D9 mode was obviously slowest. I was tweaking grass distance, FOV and anti-aliasing though. I figured they had used some new D3D features with 10/11 and got better …

Re: AMD R7 240 poor performance comapred to HD8490

Maybe try some more D3D 9 games and see how they behave in comparison. And perhaps try to get some much older drivers if you haven't. You could also try a later STALKER game with D3D 10/10.1/11. I don't remember if there was ever a mod to put Shadow of Chernobyl on a newer iteration of the engine. …

Re: S3 968 Windows drivers

I had a #9 VLB 968 in the Win3.1 and 95 days. It was mostly a Win3.1 product so the support was strongest there. Win95 shipped with a driver for it that is used generically and for several card models IIRC. I'm sure you would also find different versions included with DirectX 2/3 games and maybe …

Re: GPU recommendations for Pentium 3 600mhz

Any GeForce is a super fast card for a P3 600. For TNT gen, I would look for a TNT2. A Radeon will have better image quality than the NV cards, including 2D sharpness in most cases. Nvidia cards of that time sometimes have terrible vga output quality. Game compatibility will be somewhat more …

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