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Re: 1999 Dell CPI-A laptop SB MIDI emulation

Nope - the Dell Lat CPiAs do not have a DOS kosher sound card - that’s a known issue for pretty much all DellLats between the CPiD (CS4237B) and the CPx (ESS Maestro series). All the other Dell models in that range are Neomagic AC97 devices only (except one specific LS model that uses a Crystal …

Re: Your Retrogaming laptop/portable machine megathread (recommendations, tips, minutae)

Great thread and great recommendations. I just got back into the retro world and will comment on my machines. I picked up a Toshiba Tecra 8000 + Satellite 490XCDT locally recently. BOTH are equivalent machines..... P2-266 + 13.3" TFT Screens @ 1024x768. There is screen stretching built in (not …

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