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Re: Sound Blaster 16 Clones

SVD wrote on 2020-10-30, 18:21: I found this for sale, anyone seen this strange card before? It looks like it got a crystal cs4236 chip and a modem with game/midi port and a wavetable header(?). There's plenty of info on the IBM mwave, as far as I'm aware it's not a good dos sound card.

Re: Issues getting ESS 1869 running in Win98 DOS mode

To better test what's going on I would recommend: -Emptying your autoexec.bat / config.sys files, to make troubleshooting easier and to prevent the DOS drivers from screwing with Windows. -Edit msdos.sys and add BootMenu=1 under [options] so you get the option to boot directly into DOS on startup. …

Re: Main retro PC sound devices, ordered by Open International Market Price, for hobbyists in smaller/remoter countries

It's a well known fact that eBay buy-it-now prices are often very high, I don't get what your point is? In fact, some of those don't seem that high. Even on my not-eBay local online marketplace, especially synths are basically the prices you mention. Maybe those sellers based their prices on eBay, …

Re: Current games and instruction set requirements

in Milliways
Yes, it's due to (default) compiler options. I guess many developers just use the default settings, or would would rather improve performance for people with modern processors, than cater to those with 10 year old CPUs, and as such use the (theoretically) faster compiler option. However, I sincerely …

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