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Re: About Roland Virtual Sound Canvas 3

Big news (at least to me, maybe it was done in the past, but I am not aware of it - if you know, let me know, to prevent me reinventing the wheel): So, I was able to decrypt small portion of the Sound bank from ROM dump from real SC-55 hardware device! Yes, only "small portion" for the moment, …

Re: Final sound setup - have I missed anything out?

The Orpheus and the AWE64 Legacy are probably as close to the perfect ISA sound card as is ever going to exist (especially when combined), so good choice on the Orpheus. What use case, for you, does the Orpheus have that he AWE64 Legacy doesn't fulfill? They both offer genuine OPL3 and bug-free …

Re: Update SC-55 ROM

Hello all, I finally got a SC-55, the ROM is 1.10 (Firmware), the Roland chip is R15199775, is this one the control ROM? According to this thread I can't upgrade the ROM firmware to v1.21 or 2.0?. The Roland chip is not on a socket and it will be a pain to remove it, not to mention finding the …

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