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Re: Strange keyboard problem in DOSBox Linux.

This is an SDL 1.2 issue with DOSBox on Linux. If you try the unofficial builds of DOSBox using SDL 2 then it should work fine. Ah, thank you. I found the other thread about this. Is this the SDL2 build? https://github.com/meesokim/dosbox-sdl2 Sorry for being a newbie, but how do I install that …

Re: Strange keyboard problem in DOSBox Linux.

Confirmed on another game: Prehistorik. To reproduce: - Press and keep pressing right arrow key. Characters moves. - While right arrow key is pressed, press and release up arrow key so the character jumps. - After the character lands he continues moving for a second or two then stops. Expected …

Strange keyboard problem in DOSBox Linux.

I'm having a strange problem with a game using Linux Dosbox. Using v0.74 The game in question is Word Rescue and Word Rescue Plus (both use same engine). When I press the left or right arrow keys, the character moves left or right. However there are points in the game when the character just stops, …

Re: Lords of the Realm 2 demo - too fast

in Windows
Are you going to tell us what it is ? Yes, sorry as I said I wasn't sure if I'm allowed to post links since I didn't want this to be taken as spam. What worked for me was BES. http://mion.faireal.net/BES/ Setting the value to 99% slowdown caused the speed to be good, but music became choppy. …

Lords of the Realm 2 demo - too fast

in Windows
I found my old demo version of Lords of the Realm 2 that I played when I was younger but never managed to finish. It's a 2 player map that's not available in the full version. Using Windows 7. All message boxes disappear very quickly (half a second or so)before I get the chance to start reading them …

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