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Re: Any others given up on the hobby?

Collect less, play more, do you must. Pretty much this. I currently have three rigs which cover DOS, Win9x and WinXP era games fairly well. I'm still interested in building a Pentium MMX system for its superb slowdown options, but that's very low priority. Honestly, I'm just happy with the hardware …

Re: PC games on consoles

Diablo 1 for the original PlayStation is pretty interesting. The overall resolution is lower, but it has some nice visual effects such as water reflections and improved lighting from torches and spells. It also uses non-interlaced intro/outro movies which look great on a CRT TV.

Re: What made you join VOGONS?

Watching Phil's videos rekindled my interest in retro PC hardware. He referenced this forum a lot, so I figured it was a useful source of information. After several months of lurking, I decided to join up so that I could actively participate in some discussions that were of interest to me. I also …

Re: FF7 music loop bug

I am also aware that my machine is overkill. Word of caution, some mini games like the bike chase play way too fast even on my Celeron 466 machine. This makes it very hard to complete those sections. As others have said, you want either an XG capable device or a Sound Blaster AWE with at least 4 MB …

Re: PC games on consoles

mothergoose729 wrote on 2021-02-15, 08:31: Doom of course! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Doom_ports Just chiming in to say that the 3DO port of Doom has some amazing music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m35pIk5wfNk The ported game is poorly optimized and doesn't play that well, but the …

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