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Re: Simmconn AWE64 Adapter

There is a very decent 4mb SCC-1 soundfont that really mimics the Sound Canvas well, if you have a Gold AWE64. You dont need the SIMMCON for that. The 25mb (?) SC-55 soundfont is also very good but the upgrade is marginal. Other <28mb SC-55 soundfonts are garbage. Masterpiece.sf2 is where the …

Re: Simmconn AWE64 Adapter

I'd like to buy one! Is it around €49 I just home my country doesn't go full retard and close the borders to imports. I'm specially interested because I heard an AWE64 with good soundfonts, and it doesn't sound that far off from the Roland-55! Which is a good thing, if I'm on a budget!

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