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Re: Regressive bugs - report them here

Good morning Dege! Everything works well in The Settlers: Heritage of Kings - History Edition, except for one bug. When you start moving the cursor in a game or menu, a second cursor of the same type appears, only at the same time it flickers. I have tried every possible setting in dgVoodooCpl and …

Re: Area 51 broken lighting

This happens when anti-aliasing is enabled. Make sure anti-aliasing is disabled in dgVoodoo and in your graphics card control panel. https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Area_51_(2005)#Anti-aliasing_.28AA.29 There is even a loss of texture with anti-aliasing. But in dgvoodoo2 I did not set anti- …

the Hobbit (2003) 30 fps lock

Good morning everybody! Can someone help unlock 60 fps in .exe file? There is a little trick, when I start the game, in the game menu, 60 fps, but when the game itself starts, it blocks fps at 30. I tried to find at least some mention of fps through a hex editor, but to no avail.

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