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Re: Wing Commander III - exception 13

in DOS
Answering myself (hopefully for the benefit of others). The game stores the config in c:\wc3 (2 files) and if the game is installed anywhere else, it chrashes as per the initial post. Solution is to move everything into c:\wc3 and start it from there.

Wing Commander III - exception 13

in DOS
Hi all, a VERY long time ago, i bought the WC3 and did run it flawlessly on my (then) pc without to much issues. Fast forward a number of years and i can't find my CD anymore so i bought the game on GOG, thinking i could play it on my Libretto 110CT. Of course, as GOG repackages the game with DosBox …

Re: DOS Serial Mouse Issue

in DOS
He mentioned using cute mouse in the first post You're right, i missed that part. But i recently started to use ctmouse myself (on my ps/2 30-286) due to its smaller footprint and i actually had issues with it not being recognized by the machine from the start (running the mouse test did not work …

Re: Floppy Disk DISK.ID

Sounds very similar to my own experience with installing Checkit 3.0 where it complained about disk id (i believe it was). In my case i had to rename the volume (after formatting) with the expected name, after which it worked. Was not possible to install from the HD itself. Similar issue with your …

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