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Re: Trying to understand 30pin simm memory modules capacity, please join if you can help.

i saw they are pricy on ebay. i wish i had some for all my soundcards. here i cannot find them at a good price, and the 32mb simms is like impossible to get too. only 16mb, 8mb and 4mb. i know its an overkill for 486 era but some pentium boards only accepted edo simms, and if you want to go all the …

Re: what are your favourite ps/2 mice?

in Milliways
My MX518 finally died - so I bought a Mouseman (which still works on PS/2), and then two new old stock MX518s... what dies is the cable, just need to buy a cheap genius mouse open it and remove cable with the connector ans swap it.even the connector is universal, maybe pins need to be rearranged …

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