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Trident 9440-3, is it rare?

In the bottomless box of interesting untested stuff I found a shiny little pearl: a PCI VGA decelerator with the Trident TGUI 9440-3 chip on it. I like Trident for no obvious reason, so had it for a little run on a Celeron board and it seems to work fine. A little internet search gave me the obvious …

Re: What does it take to replace an Intel 10 MHz 286 with a Harris 12 MHz 286? Hopefully... nothing?

You'd have to replace some crystal too. Also, this system was designed with 10MHz in mind, so all components are rated 10MHz. Overclocking to 12MHz (20%) Will put more stress on the other components as well. This may ruin them hotter than intended and probably cause instability. The 8530-286 was …

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