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Re: Best DOS video card?

I have a virtually identical pc/lcd setup to you, with a s3 virge GX instead, and it works fine. I think the trio/virge are the most compatible dos cards of all. I think what is happening is a driver issue. When you launch the games you do it from windows right? Try to see if you can find other …

Re: Best DOS video card?

These chips are work without problem both on CRT and LCD/TFT: Trident 3Dimage9750 (975) Trident 3Dimage9850 (985) S3 Savage4 Pro (86C397) S3 Savage4 Xtreme (86C398) S3 Savage2000 (86C410) ARK Logic ARK2000PV (with UniVBE) nVIDIA chips between RIVA TNT2 and GeForce3 Ti 500 are also very good (I have …

Re: Why is Voodoo 3 so popular?

They're also usually cheaper than a Voodoo2 12mb (the more common Voodoo3's at least), cheaper than a Voodoo2 + regular video card (since the Voodoo2 can't be used by itself), and way cheaper than buying 2x Voodoo2 for SLI (which are roughly equivalent to a s single Voodoo3 for Glide).... The …

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