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Re: D-Fend Reloaded

Thanks. I feel like an idiot. While I am "self-taught" when it comes to computers, I totally forgot about a .bat file. I started with DOS 6.0, and didn't move to Windows till late '96, and still used DOS regularly till 2000. 😊

D-Fend Reloaded

I'm trying to load "Spear of Destiny" without having to dig out the manual to pass the copy protection all the time (I have the floppy disk version published by FormGen). I used "NeverLock 96" to create a crack file called "Spear_K.EXE" that must be ran before running the game. Is there a way to …

dgVoodoo & Mig29 Fulcrum

I have Mig29 installed, and patched up. I'm using dgVoodoo 1.50 beta2, but Mig29 says that the Glide driver is too old, and doesn't play in 3D hardware mode. Anyone know if there is a fix? BioStar NF4UL-A9 (Nforce4 Ultra) Athlon 64 3800+ 2GB DDR400 Nvidia 7600GT ESS 1938 Solo-1 PCI WinXP SP2

Using a CH Flightstick Pro, & Pro Throttle USB

I just got me this HOTAS system, and have yet to use the control manager software for it as WinXP does not need it for the controllers to work. WinXP sees it as 2 seperate controls. Can DOSbox use both these controls at once? I set DOSBox to "auto", "2axis", and "4axis", but only the Flightstick Pro …

Wacky Wheels sound problem

I've tried changing different sound options within the Wacky Wheel's SETUP.EXE, and ingame, but the Engine, & Sound FX blast at full level, while the Music sounds "staticky". Has anyone got this game to run with DOSBox without messed up sound?

Re: Joystick support, and emulation

I was looking at the D-Fend website, and seen it referenced Joy2Key for using joysticks with DOSBox. I now have my arcade stick working with all it's buttons mapped to keys. Now I can play games like Duke Nukem 1, & 2, and the Commander Keen games, but so far, every fight game that I have tried (OMF …

Joystick support, and emulation

I was looking at the supported features of DOSBox, and see it only supports a single 2 button stick. I bought me an Xbox Arcade stick, and an Xbox to USB adaptor to play emulator games. Alot of the DOS games I want to play need at least 4 buttons. If I use a program like Joy2Key that maps keyboard, …

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