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Re: DOSBox vs PCem vs 86Box which do you prefer?

86box is great due to the constant updates and closer community (Discord, etc.) but PCem is more practical in other ways. I can basically run any vintage game up until early 2001/late 2000 on PCem, and I use Win98's MS-DOS Mode for anything older. I haven't touched DOSBox in years as it doesn't …

Re: PCem v17

The Pentium II and Banshee implementation is awesome, but also of importance, I've noticed a performance increase from v16 to v17. On v16 my limit for a consistent 100% was with the p166, but with v17 I'm getting a consistent 100% with the p200 mmx. Which makes me think that performance was tweaked …

Re: Does PCI-Express sound card with gameport exist?

Seems like it would be simpler to use a USB-Gameport adapter. There's nothing particularly good about a CMI audio chip, and it's almost certainly not superior to the sound already integrated into a modern motherboard. I would be quite wary of this. Usually the Gameport-to-USB adapters are junk, and …

Re: Carmageddon 2 on Windows 10

in Windows
Yeah Carma2 had numerous re-releases, and even more complicated when separated by region, too. Check out the numerous files here (the Superpatch V3 is the ideal download, it combines GOG, SCI, and fan-made fixes, but I think you'll need a wrapper ofc): https://rr2000.cwaboard.co.uk/pc-files

Re: Does anyone have experience with DirectPlay on Windows 10?

in Windows
So, I couldn't fix the problem. But if anyone else is searching online and stumbles across this post, maybe some of the things I tried above will help their game instead. I analyzed the packets via Wireshark, as soon as the other PC tries to connect and the DirectPlay protocol appears ("enum …

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