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Re: FYI: Steam drops Win7/8/8.1 in 2024

in Milliways
A very bad decision from Valve. One's gaming library is essentially banned from working on older OSes. Reminder - windows 10 goes EOL in 2025. After the XP client debacle, I have stopped buying games on Steam.

Re: feedback needed about few PCI sound cards

Via Envy 24 are reasonable cards for music audition, for XP -> Vista, maybe w7. Nothing more. The ES1970 cards are supported on windows 9x/nt, I am not aware drivers for win2k and up. Such cards offer basic eax / a3d / sensaura. i would skip all of them for practical use.

Re: 4:3 vs. 5:4

my EIZO 1933 allows scaling options in the OSD (1:1, aspect ratio, full screen). I just bought an Eizo S1933 because of your comment, and I can't find any scaling options in the OSD. Maybe I'm blind, but where do I find those settings? Edit: I can't find anything about scaling in the manual either. …

Re: Windows XP how much people still use for MAIN OS?

in Milliways
I did use XP to go online in the past year; I used roytam's build of Basilisk - http://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/ If you are behind a NAT / properly configured firewall, there should be no issues for light browsing on reputable sites. However, I would never use XP as main OS. Windows 7 32 bit does …

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