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Re: CF vs DOM vs SSD

So to conclude SSD is best choise because of carbage collection feature? However one additional question came to my mind, I’ve read that SSD’s are poor for long term storage, sometimes my computers are stored for a good while, so just wondering could a long time in storage and up in loosing the data …

Re: CF vs DOM vs SSD

These two videos by Phil might be useful: Hard drive options for Retro PCs Modern Hard Drive Alternatives for old Laptops and Thin Clients Personally, I prefer an IDE to SATA adapter paired with a small SSD (less than 128 GB). Thanks for the links! Didnt know you can alter the capacity with Sea …

CF vs DOM vs SSD

I’m strugling to find a solid answer that what is the best option to replace vintage 3.5” Hard drives? Im having several 233MHz MMX computers with 128mb of memory, now it seems the old hard drives are taking their last breaths and I’m looking to replace them with some modern solution. However what …

Re: Voodoo 1 Problem, texture glitches.

Correction to my previous post, the problem was NOT with my BIOS setting after all. The problem was with my VGA cable, at first there are not glitches, but after playing Quake for couple of minutes the display started first show some waviness and then came the texture problems. So I located the …

Re: Quake1 and CT2290 problem

Strange thing, according installing instructions from Philscomputer how to get dos game sounds working when running them from Win95 there was no sound (instructions in a readme file of driver). I reinstalled the driver from Windows and suddenly everything works.

Quake1 and CT2290 problem

I’m having the strangest problem. For some reason I cant get sound working for Quake1 (GLQuake) and NFS2. I have a CT2290, Diagnose plays well some sounds but not the previous mentioned games, however for instance Duke3d works perfectly. I downloded the drivers froms philcomputerlab and followed the …

Re: OS recommendations?

marxveix wrote on 2021-02-14, 09:18: Both work, i would use 98Lite. Win95B if you use ps2 mouse, Win98SE if you use usb mouse. I will actually use Serial mouse Does Win95 have a better DOS game support?

OS recommendations?

I’m currently setting up five retro computer which main specs are 233MHz MMX , 128Mb SDRAMM, Trio64 + Voodoo1 Im looking to play DOS IPX games aswell Voodoo1 compatible games. Should I go with Win95 or Win98?

Quick question of IPX multiplayer games

Hi, I'm setting a LAN party setup from several old Pentium1 computers, they run Win95. The question is that if I want to play multiplayer games through IPX protocol, does the computer need to be assigned an IP-address? (Do I need a router or can I a use normal Switch)?

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