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Re: Simmconn AWE64 Adapter

My order was for a simmconn gold chip. this is what the invoice also mentions. Can i check it on the hardware ? I just ordered another EDO RAM from ebay 32MB PS/2 EDO SIMM Double Sided Memory 60ns 8Mx32 72-Pin nP 5V LGS GM71C17403CJ6 , but i will have to wait a month to verify.... 🙁

Re: Simmconn AWE64 Adapter

Unfortunately I have the issue of not recognizing any edo ram . I have tried several rams that are already tested on pc,on amiga accelerator etc. What ever size or jumber setting I try...diagnose.exe gives the internal 4mb ram. ( Awe64 gold) . Any thoughts please ?? Should I directly speak with …

Re: MT32-PI and Roland UM-ONE

i am stuck in the exact same position on a RPI3A with UM-ONE cable ..i have send an email to Edu Arana asking for some clarifications. following the instructions from github i did some changes : usb = on gpio_baud_rate = 31250 gpio_thru = off output_device = i2s --> no output :( sample_rate = 96000 …

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