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Re: SB16 issues

No, I don't mean -12V. It is true that hard drives and many floppy drives don't work without +12V. It's also true that a power supply should not indicate "power good" is +12V is out of spec (inside the supply). Yet, many mainboards work without +12V if they rely on POWERGOOD instead of probing …

Re: SB16 issues

Maybe I am missing something important,but after installing the drivers for my CT2290 on a DX2-66, I get no output on the speaker jack but on the line-out. It 'works' but I hear a lot of other noises too and not a clear,crisp sound. So I switched it for a CT2920 and the same thing happens. Is this …

Re: *nix software and systems

The system throws out a message about sound not being supported by the kernel. I don't know if that's true or not, but it was worth asking about. Generally, it's easier to get help for whatever issue you're having if you mention the hardware and OS upfront. Older Linux can be a bit flakey with …

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