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SB16 MIXERSET load wrong parameter

I did a clean install of SBBASIC and CTC Dos driver from Phils page (DOS 6.22 + win 3.11). I use a CT4170 SB16. Anything work fine but i got a missing or wrong parameter when i load my mixer preset: IMG_0542[1].JPG It stops at the IPL switch. Here my ctmix.cfg: IMG_0543[1].JPG I notice that the IPL …

EWS64 XL + MPU-401AT *Conflicts* DOS only

I like to run a system with a EWS64 XL as Sound Blaster Pro. My MPU-401AT should do all the Midi on 330 IRQ2/9. As OS i just want to use DOS 6.22 with Win3.11 . So i installed the EWS64 XL like the vogons wiki say: https://www.vogonswiki.com/index.php/EWS64 . On start i load the Blaster, than SWINIT …

Re: Looking for Terratec EWS64 XL DOS driver files

I got the card running now under dos without the TTM just loading the 94b file into ram with initews. Thanks so far guys! So im not sure what the TTM file does exactly. Yes i read the infos from your link but most are not for DOS. So far i wonder how i can connect a MT-32 on the ews64 and use it for …

Looking for Terratec EWS64 XL DOS driver files

I like to install an EWS64 XL under DOS. The system runs DOS6.22 . I read the Vogons Wiki here https://www.vogonswiki.com/index.php/EWS64 But im missing the EWSINIT.EXE and FMON.EXE. On the FTP are no DOS driver. I found online only the EWS64CFG.EXE. Anyone have the files im looking for?

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