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Re: Windows vista 32bit vs XP 32bit

in Windows
Like to share my experience. i installed win vista x86 ultimate with sp2 and so far im pretty happy! Anything works like a charm. I installed around 25 XP Games very early ones and also later ones that have dx9/10 support. I also like on vista that i can run now 2k and 4k resolution. What was with …

Re: Windows vista 32bit vs XP 32bit

in Windows
To be clear i was also not a big Vista fan back in the days. But as new OS you look more forward to 64Bit DX10 and the new features. My perspective is more to look back get all the XP x86 stuff working, and also able to run some early DX10 games (like Hellgate London). Nothing more or less. Dualboot …

Windows vista 32bit vs XP 32bit

in Windows
i running atm a XP x86 but want some DX10 stuff. So first i tryed that DX10 hacks for XP. But they dont work very well for me. So i was thinking about go to Vista for DX10 support. But i want all the great kompatibles from XP. So i wonder someone here running vista 32bit ?

Re: VOODOO 5 5500 AGP in a PCIE slot?

The question is will the Adapter provide 66MHz PCI, i dont think so. So you will lose around 25% of your voodoo performance against the AGP bus (66MHz). Strongly recommend recap and change the FETs on your v5 before swapping VRAM or reflow/reball anything. Its a common Problem V5 failed.

Re: Cant get more Base memory free Dos 6.22

Somehow your BIOS seems to steal 5KB (conventional is only 635K instead of 640K). Otherwise it is as good as it gets. I use ndos as a COMMAND.COM replacement (which is Norton’s version of 4DOS), which buys me another 3KB, but really anything beyond 610K is not worth fiddling. hmm maybe video shadow …

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