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Re: List of Free Games

clueless1 wrote on 2020-05-24, 10:29: Discrete_BOB_058 wrote on 2020-05-24, 09:37: Steam- 10 Second Ninja X Intercosmos Intercosmos turns up zero search results on Steam. It is Interkosmos

Re: Problematic Windows games list

Games that use the first Unreal engine, such as Deus Ex , Unreal Tournament , and Unreal , have problems running on modern CPUs, due to those CPUs having features that the Unreal engine isn't prepared for, such as multiple cores, variable speeds on one CPU, a very high CPU speed, etc/ There's a …

Re: Quake 1 no music?

Muz wrote on 2020-03-20, 14:18: I cannot get this game music to work in Windows 10. Any help? If you are using the CD version of the game, you need to have the game in that PARTICULAR CD drive. If you are not using CD version, and you use GOG version, then you need to demphasize your audio for …

Re: List of Free Games

To play the Epic store version ( https://www.epicgames.com/ an online store that provides games) of Grand Theft Auto Five (the game) without the Rockstar Launcher (the program required by Rockstar to launch the game) you need to use the Goldberg Social Club Emulator (a program that emulates Social …

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