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Re: is Might & Magic III broken ?

yes, i'v tried all different cores..and still got the crashes under latest CVS. anyway, under dosbox 0.63, the game works no matter the core you're using. as far i remember, MM3 never needed any tweaking...except playing with cycles, to get a smooth game (was usually too fast). i'm trying to test …

is Might & Magic III broken ?

i'v played a lot M&M3 under dosbox long time ago...and saw that's it play ok then. so, today i'v decided to give this game another run...under the latest CVS, but to my great surprise, i'v a huge problem : it's constantly crash...and i'm speaking about a serious one - the game suddenly stop, frozen …

Hard Nova (scifi RPG/EA/1991)

it seems the game can't run with dosbox. always crash dosbox with an "illegal option" error...and nothing more. dosbox close itself. strangely, i remember playing this game with dosbox long ago....but even with dosbox 0.61 it don't seem to run. or the game never worked and i'v dreamed playing it …

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