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invert joystick y-axis patch again

DJGrenola is not connected from 2005: invert joystick y-axis patch so... Any chance to some expert apply this patch on DosBox Optionals v4397 and compilte it for Windows? (https://github.com/MartyShepard/DOSBox-Optionals) I have no idea of programming or compilations. Thanks.

Re: Convert profiles D-Fend to DosBox

D-Fend, or D-Fend Reloaded ? If D-Fend reloaded, right click on the game and select " View DOSBox conf file " You can now save it. There is no batch process for this as far as I'm aware. I believe File->Export->Create conf files should do what you need?! Yes, but this is a manual process. I need …

Convert profiles D-Fend to DosBox

Hi, I want use the shaders of DosBox SVN and I have all my games configured from D-Fend (with .prof format). There are many games and converting one by one would be very hard work. So, is there a way to automatically convert .prof profiles to .conf (some utility or batch process)? Thanks

Re: D-Fend Reloaded (DOSBox frontend)

Dagar wrote on 2019-09-10, 12:30: alberthamik wrote: I sure hope D-Fend Reloaded comes back to life for 0.75, I had problems getting it to work with SVN builds. What problems? Working fine for me with the latest SVN, latest ECE and vanilla. For example, inability to select shaders, Voodoo 3dfx or …

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