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Re: MIDI Tx Level on Soundblaster PCI Gameport

The TTL MIDI signals of your sound cards game port should be buffered to ensure that you get enough current to power the LED in the optoisolator on your MIDI device. Here's an example of a proper adapter using a buffer chip. I finally found the time to build an adapter according to this schematic. …

Re: MIDI Tx Level on Soundblaster PCI Gameport

Many thanks for the answer! :) But would such a circuit solve my problem of the voltage offset? I can relatively easily adjust the resistors so that the optoisolator gets enough current. This should be at the usual 5 mA. I thought that my problem is the voltage difference and as a result the signals …

MIDI Tx Level on Soundblaster PCI Gameport

Hello everybody! Not sure if the question has been discussed here yet, but I can't find anything. It's about the Gameport/MIDI interface of the Soundblaster PCI cards. I know there is no working Dos driver. But should the MIDI-Out work under Windows? I can't get an external MIDI synth to accept the …

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