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Best sound card to use with Roland SCD/SCB-15?

I just purchased an SCD-15 and want to use it to play mid-late 90's DOS/Windows games. I want to combine it with the best possible sound card, so what's the ultimate choice? I already have ESS 1868F and Yamaha YMF719E-S, but I'm guessing there are even better choices? Maybe one of the SB 16 models? …

CDR101 error with a burned CD-RW disk?

I'm having trouble transferring files from Windows 10 to DOS. When I inserted the CD-RW -disk to my Win10 computer, I chose the "Mastered" option. However, when I burn some files on the CD and then try to read the directory in DOS, I get a CDR101 error? This confuses me, since I also burned a Win98 …

Re: Faint vertical lines (shadows) on a CRT

The stuff I saw in the photo looks like digital interference from video card itself. Placing some good capacitors to RAMDAC power lines on that card can probably cure this problem. Good to know, thanks! I also noticed, that the lines don't appear when I choose a resolution of 1024x768, only on …

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