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Re: Debug assertion failed error while trying to run a game

in Windows
Thank you for your responses. It seems the issue is likely with the Cmedia 8738 sound card. On removing the audio drivers, the game runs without any error albeit with no music/sound. Then tried using a different sound card (1938s Solo-1) with WDM drivers and the game loaded as well with music/sound …

dgVoodoo2 Issue with IDirectDrawSurface4::Lock

The surface returned from IDirectDrawSurface4::Lock sometimes has an lPitch less than dwWidth * ddpfPixelFormat.dwRGBBitCount (half, to be precise). For example: 'T_WALK_ALLEY' is opaque texture Surface 64 x 64 (128 pitch, 32 bpp), (ff0000,ff00,ff,0), 7 mipmaps Invalid Pitch: 128 < 256 Surface 32 x …

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