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Re: Unity Runtime Fee

Unity's main market is mobile games. Installs/uninstalls there are recorded as well as sales. Games using Unity on PC as a main platform are a much smaller market than mobile. But yeah, terrible idea. That's John Riccetello for you. When he finished with EA he came to Unity as the next victim 😅

Re: Were you ever hurt by a computer?

in Milliways
Had my share of cuts due to metal casings, but also a weird habit of trying to make sure that the fan is working well by touching it with a finger. BRRRRG! The higher the pain the better the condition of the fan 😅 I usually aim for the center of the fan to avoid the blades, but many times I miss. …

Re: VGA games with only 16 colors

in DOS
Pirates Gold! is a gorgeous 640x480 16-color VGA game, as well as Incredible Machine (the first two at least). Syndicate has both modes (hi res 16-color during in-game and low res 256 color for menus outside gameplay). Operation Wolf! is a 16-color VGA game (EGA assets with color redefinition only …

Re: Remastering games, is it really worth it?

in Milliways
Remasters bring the game to more platforms as a first-class citizen. Nice upscaled visuals and audio, and platform integration like modern controls and trophies/achievements. DOSBox isn't available on consoles, and I guess some people prefer their favorite couch to a PC chair. So all to say, there …

MPU-401/MT-32 + SB16 problems with some games

Hi guys, I have a MPU IPC-T unit with its card installed in a machine that also has an SB16 ASP. The MPU unit feeds to an MT-32 rev.0. I want all MIDI in DOS to use the MPU, so I have the jumpers on the cards as follows: MPU IPC-T: IRQ 2/9, Port 330 SB16: Port 220, IRQ 7, DMA 1, HDMA 5, MIDI 300 …

Re: Older PCI gpu in newer system.

I installed a Voodoo 3 2000 PCI on a HP Z400 workstation next to an RTX 2080. Drivers work on Win3.1/Win95/Win98. Didn't test it on WinXP. 2D graphics work fine. But any moment I try to use 3D acceleration, apps hang or crash. I'm guessing there is something the card needs that the machine doesn't …

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