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Re: Any point upgrading vlb card?

Fwiw, music on c&c95 is definitely cd-audio - just put the disc in an audio cd player to check! Nah that's just for your listening pleasure. They had plenty of room on the CD after all The game definitely get's the music from the scores.mix file Ha! Love it! Who wouldn't want to listen to C&C …

Re: Any point upgrading vlb card?

My initial thoughts were that it was probably cpu bottlenecking too. I was just wondering about the vga card as the sound is always solid, none of that stuttering you tend to get with a cpu struggling to keep up (sfx - the music is from the CD so that is obviously independent!)

Re: Any point upgrading vlb card?

Your Board and CPU should have enough speed for this game. And C&C is a simple VGA (320x200) game. I played it in 95 with a 486 SX 50MHz and i cannot remember, that is was very slow. Yes, the DOS version is 320x200 and runs smoothly. The win95 version is 640x400 or 640x480 (menu option). It's …

Re: Any point upgrading vlb card?

You cant actually disable sound in C&C, only turn the volume right down and given that the cd keeps spinning for the CD audio, I dont think it disables it. It is a 5x86 but it wont overclock to 160Mhz. It will boot to dos but it rapidly crashes (even with ram timings set with very loose, wait state …

Any point upgrading vlb card?

I'm playing Command and Conquer 95 on my 486 (spec in signature). Scrolling can be quite slow - is that just the CPU or does the cirrus logic graphics card also struggle? It does have directdraw acceleration but presumably pretty slow? Is there any point upgrading the card for games in Windows or …

Network share Rasp. Pi to windows 98

Hi, How can I set up a SAMBA share from my raspberry pi to windows 98? I have samba installed and set up properly for sharing on my home network for my modern machines. I want to create a folder for sharing files to my 486 that I can eg. run things from/test programs (so SSH/SFTP doesnt really suit) …

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