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Lands of Lore 2 on 3dfx with mouse glitch

Heyho, got another game which doesn't run properly on GLIDE on my Voodoo 3 within DOS (with some other games I already gave up) . Lands of Lore 2 is patched and does start, however when Hardware acceleration is active, and I move the mouse I get weird horizontal lines. Also my mouse is a bit floaty. …

Re: GTA1 on Voodoo3 with SB Live

Ok, seems like I was a bit too quick here. Yes it works, but after playing a few minutes the sound deteriorates more and more. After a few minutes the sound of the motor is almost completely covered by crackling noises. This issue was also reported in this very old thread here: https://www.vogons. …

Re: GTA1 on Voodoo3 with SB Live

Already found the solution. Will keep the thread anyways, in case others might be searching. I saw that this requires the Soundblaster 16 emulation, which in my case was not installed. I used this guide here by Phil: https://www.philscomputerlab.com/sound-blaster-live.html On first boot it showed in …

GTA1 on Voodoo3 with SB Live

Hey there! I wanted to check out GTA1 on my system and I am running into a few issues here. Maybe anyone can help me here: My machine is basically split in 2 modes: DOS with Voodoo 3 using an ISA Soundcard Win98Se with Voodoo 3 using a Soundblaster Live On DOS the Sound works, but the 3dfx mode, …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

The Retrotink 4k received a pricetag now. Will be 750$. I will still wait till Reviews for DOS are in and it's available in Europe. Probably dragonbox.de will offer it in germany. Hopefully that will be cheaper than shipping and importing it individually.

Re: VGA Capture Thread

Though it outputs in 16:9 in OBS for some reason, I can say the EVGA XR1 Pro is fantastic with DOS machines via the OSSC. Plus, if you have a VGA monitor, get a quality active-powered HDMI to VGA converter for the passthrough of the XR1. This has eliminated any and all need for my Datapath card. …

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