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S3 Vision864 vs 964 Vesa Local Bus VLB

I just need some comparison and I can't find it... I have this now : https://www.mupload.nl/img/x53w71oxbk.jpg But it has a slight offset... In DOS, the screen postion perfectly calibrated. Once I start a game, the horizontal position goes about 1cm to the right. I can correct this within the …

Retro-case ... or not ?

in Milliways
Since 2 years, I'm the owner again of a 486DX2/66VLB. The computer is just perfect for the games I want to play. But I think the case is ugly as hell. I don't have a picture, because I ditched it a week ago. I ordered polycarbonat to make a see-through case. I know this is Vogons, but still... is …

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