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Munt Properties

Hi Guys I use Munt-32 and DOSBox to capture Audio On Properties I set on: DAC EMULATION High Quality RENDER TYPE Float 32 bit I've a doubt on MAX PARTIALS I've on 32 I notice if you change the number you have different TUNES

Problem with Munt+Dosbox

Hi guy I've a problem with Dosbox and Munt I use A DOSBox version 0.74-3 and a version of MUNT MT-32 In my Options file I set: mpu401=intelligent mididevice=default midiconfig=1 sbtype=sbpro2 sbbase=220 irq=7 dma=1 hdma=5 sbmixer=true oplmode=opl3 oplemu=fast oplrate=49716 The problem I have is that …

Re: Problem with DosBox Flickering screen

The Secret of Monkey Island DOSBox.ECE Dell U2415 60 Hz fresh rate Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 TI Windows 10 Pro Config BOSBOx.ECE fullscreen = true fulldouble = true fullresolution = desktop windowresolution = output = opengl autolock = true sensitivity = 100 core = auto cputype = auto cycles = auto …

Cant' get Correct Aspect ratio on DOSBox.ECE

Hi guys, I've installed DOSBox.ECE but I can't set correctly aspect ratio as i've always done the image is stratched in 16/10 fullscreen = true fulldouble = false fullresolution = desktop windowresolution = original output = opengl autolock = true sensitivity = 100 waitonerror = true priority = …

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