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Re: Bought these (retro) software/OS today

Filename 9F4391D4-1328-4C06-AC06-5A3CD137FBFA.jpeg File size 1.84 MiB Views 106 views Filename 77669608-0B3B-4E39-A956-6D04D2BDF301.jpeg File size 1.23 MiB Views 106 views I had the floppy disk version as a kid, the CDROM is much better!

Re: Bought these games today

Filename 7554A864-3C8A-4E04-B221-9A425BF29B3E.jpeg File size 43.04 KiB Views 61 views I’ve always wanted to play this on the SNES, but never got to. Will try on my DOS rig 🤗

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