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Re: Release -New Aureal DOS Mixer Util-

I'm having a similar issue to MaTi where the line in volume is so low in real mode DOS that it's unfortunately unusable. I'm using an SQ2500 Vortex 2 card with external Roland / Yamaha synths. None of the AU30MIX parameters seem to have any effect, but this post earlier in the topic from badmojo …

Re: Release -New Aureal DOS Mixer Util-

Just adjust the gains like normal to what you like. Let me know if this helped or not. Also welcome, and thanks for checking out the mixer util. Can you please advise which one I should set for the MPU and to which value? I see several outputs indeed, but not sure which one is for the MPU (joystick …

Re: Release -New Aureal DOS Mixer Util-

Hi guys, This is a pretty old topic, yet I hope someone can help me out. I have built a retro pc for a friend of mine. He wants to use his mt32 under dos. However, as the pc has no ISA, we had to find a suitable pci sound card; which we did. We installed a Vortex2. Long story short; all was working …

Re: Suggestion for short voodoo card

in Marvin \ Video
Thanks all! @Lennart: Haha yep! Here comes the fun part: I drove to the guy's house, he opened.. Then he was like 'Wait, I know you...'. I didn't remember the place or the guy, so I couldn't confirm.. Then after 10mins of chatting or so he said "Wait.. Didn't you buy a Highscreen Pentium machine …

Suggestion for short voodoo card

in Marvin \ Video
Dear, I bought a 2nd hand, small K6-266 machine the other day, as I fell in love with it when I saw it: https://i.ibb.co/wJhRP4k/1-KWGWm1-Pwg-RYDe-Ao-IDV6c9-UVCTh-Vf-Yz-LFhl3z-Nt-HBFEqerau-Rq.jpg https://i.ibb.co/WggY8jw/1-KWGWm2-Xr-Qe-Le-Z1-Ccr-IWk8r83j-Dz-Cc-BHzst9-MB4-Xvxs6-VBSyz-Q.jpg I'd like …

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