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Monopoly 3 (2002) on windows 10 on LAN (wrong, corrupted display)

in Windows
Hello Guys! I have a problem with the game monoply 3 (2002) REMOVED that we want to play the game on Lan (on windows 10). When I click on "Play game online" button, the whole game goes down to the tray and "Host", "Join", etc. appear in a separate window. I press the Host, the other PC sees the host …

RPM Tuning not load the racing (dgVoodoo2_64)

Hi Guys! I could run the RPM Tuning with dgVoodoo2 (without it not running). So i see perfectly the menu, adventure cutseen etc.. but when I try to run a race in any mode i see the loading screen the loading circles are loaded (excpet the last one) and the game freezes. If my memory is right in the …

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