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Re: SBLive Retail DOS Drivers and BSOD

I've run Scandisk, I've run Memtest for 2+ hours, I've tried clearing the PnP config data in BIOS and both the on and off settings of "pnp os" in bios settings. I've gotten this error before, never resolved it, and as far as I can tell it's not triggered by anything to do with the actual disk …

Re: SBLive Retail DOS Drivers and BSOD

I did that, no dice. The only things in AUTOEXEC are the sound card lines, and then adding ATI control panel to PATH. Config.sys is even more barebones, entirely unmodified with just HIMEM and EMM386. I rebooted with BOOTLOG.TXT, included below, but I don't see anything helpful [0010AD5A] Loading …

SBLive Retail DOS Drivers and BSOD

So when I first set up my rig, I didn't really know entirely what I was doing, so I installed the retail drivers for the SBLive, and in so doing I installed the DOS drivers and the WDM drivers. I would like to try the VXD drivers, or even the Audigy drivers as outlined here: https://www.vogons.org/ …

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