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Re: Video Card prices

Ya, that's pretty funny. Sold my 1080 Ti. And I thought it was overpriced when I bought it. CL - highest offer was 600 FB - Angry teenagers demanding justice Ebay - took an offer of 750, buyer had a good rating, If there was no crypto craze, I estimate that the street value of a 1080 Ti would be 275 …

Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 10 - TRIPLE BOOT - Is It Possible?

in Windows
I want it all. Don't question my motives. They are pure and strong. I just bought a 980x and an Asus P6X58D. I want to run 10 on an 950 Samsung m2. I want to run 7 off an SSD. And Windows XP off an HDD. I'm currently dual booting on a 6700k system. It boots to a light blue screen where I can select …

Re: Video Card prices

I'm guessing my original post was too long. I've got a spare 1080 Ti. I bought it for $400. I might be able to sell it for over $800. Do you think we're at the peak? Should I sell now? Or will the madness continue? And I should wait to sell it for $1000?

Video Card prices

So last September I saw 2080 Ti's going for a little less than 600 bucks on fleabay. And I thought no way. I'm gonna wait. Prices are going to get better. 3000s and 6000s are just around the corner. So I bought a 1080 Ti FTW3 for the third time for $400 (I change up graphics cards a lot) to hold me …

Re: DVI to DP cable

Ya, I see what you're talking about in the notes. I don't have to do the bios updates in order right? I can just do the last one right? Honestly, I'm a little scared to update the bios; I've never done it. I'm worried that I will brick it.

Re: DVI to DP cable

MB is an MSI RS480 M2-IL. It's a little M-ATX motherboard. And I have not updated the BIOS. Power supply is Silverstone 520W from 2005. According to what I've read these are good power supplies. I ran a 270X with it last night, but it was a slideshow. Didn't run right in windows. Too big for the …

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