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Goldeneye / Bean / 007 on the PC

I'm surprised I haven't seen this, figured I'd give a heads up for those who maybe haven't, hopefully there isn't a rule against discussing this. Anyway, it appears that the fabled xbox360 port of goldeneye found its way onto archive.org. The original team from Rare worked on this and it's very well …

Re: Technological critique

USB ports/cable. They couldn't come up with a better design or convention? Requiring you to look at the damn cable every time you plug something in... le sigh. I guess we can be thankful that USBC is finally here.

Re: 8-Bit Guy video's are becoming a chore!

Hm. Maybe.. Maybe we're just getting old? I mean, I'm visiting Vogons since roughly 2005 or so and I noticed that the enthusiasm has declined a bit since. The atmosphere here hasn't become bad in any way, no, that's not what I mean. Vogons is still a friendly place with awesome people. It's just.. …

Re: Do you keep your retro rigs offline?

I've only recently started networking my old stuff. It was a novelty at first to go BBSing from the 386, but the real purpose is for LAN file sharing, and I would not be without this functionality now! The DOS machines run FTPSRV (mTCP) and the W98 machines run WarFTP, so I can file manage both …

Re: Dos Trouble

in DOS
hawkeyefxr wrote on 2021-01-20, 17:44: Read this with great interest as i an struggling with it as well. On a PC i got a game to load and run, but i'm dammed if i cn get a game to run on my Mac. As mentioned in this thread, you're better off using a port for your platform and copying over the …

Re: english, the planetary language

In USA pizza and apple pies are sold in inches. ( 8,10,12, 16,18, 21 ) I did a quick lookup on wikipedia..... Holy f*** it is complicated. Just looking at yard and foot in inches requires you to calculate when converting between units. Inch, feet, yard, mile need calculation when converting between …

Re: What display do you use for gaming ?

19" Dell running 5 retro PCs from DOS through XP through a KVM. Scaling has always been top notch, even for the lowest res DOS games. Can you share the model? thx I believe a 2007FP. Thanks. I've been struggling with one of my Dell LCDs and constantly needing to autoadjust/search for inputs within …

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