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Re: VGA card doing only monochrome

Hmm, that's another very interesting idea in this case, will check that tomorrow when I'm at work again! I use this Dell monitor for various computers I'm fixing but this is the first PC where it's not giving any color from start. The Headstart III is back in storage, but worth a test with the …

Re: VGA card doing only monochrome

Thanks for your help. Starting MSD the splash screen is in color, then switches back to monochrome. Tried out another monitor and it's directly in color and stays in color. Weird, this is something I've never experienced before in my 30+ years of being busy in computers and so a new thing was …

VGA card doing only monochrome

Hi all! Busy bringing a Vendex Headstart III back to life. All goes well so far but the videosignal: I'm only getting the screen in monochrome. The message when powering on the system: Monochrome will be assumed unless there is a co-resident MGA installed. I have totally no idea what that message is …

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