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Re: Design choices you will never forgive

Creative Labs not being able to implement a proper MPU 401 via midi port via the gameport connector and leaving a legacy of headaches for retro hobbyist people that had to then scratch their heads and figure out just which sound blaster was worth getting because midi did actually work. I got around …

Re: Games of the 80s and ways of playing them today

I guess there is one big issue: How well did 80s games age? If they don't offer replay value, they will not be played much again. Once your memory is satisfied, there is not much point playing again. I have so far refused to rebuy 80s hardware. I wouldn't want to use a C64 on a CRT or TV again. And …

Re: Games of the 80s and ways of playing them today

Well real hardware if an amiga 1200 with an 060 running earlier 80s amiga titles counts , I do have a modded A500 as well , depressingly though they both don't get much use and collect dust and even worse yet the 500 is in a storage box and isn't set up , as I seem to gravitate towards 90s games on …

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